Oprah Winfrey is about to make lemonade stands more expensive.

The billionaire mogul is reportedly about to cash in on her own lemonade after Beyoncé released her album "Lemonade."

According to TMZ, Oprah filed docs to branch out "Oprah's" brand to include bottled water, energy drinks, coconut water and lemonade just a few weeks after "Lemonade" became a hit. It's safe to assume she's a part of the Beyhive.

While there's no official release date for Oprah's lemonade, this isn't the first time that Oprah has gone into the beverage business.

In 2014, she announced a partnership with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and revealed that she was launching her own line of chai teas with the coffee company. The tea is sold at both Starbucks and Teavana locations, and proceeds go to a good cause.

Oprah's website explains, "For every Teavana® Oprah Chai product sold at Starbucks or Teavana, Starbucks will donate to The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation. This includes $0.25 USD for each Teavana Oprah Chai prepared beverage, $1 USD per 2 oz. of Teavana Oprah Chai Loose-Leaf Tea, $1 USD per reusable storage tin, $1 per small gift set and $4 USD per large gift set."

Not to mention, the tea has a positive effect on Oprah too. Look no further than her famous words on steeping tea.

"As the tea steeps, my head clears; as the flavors develop, my thoughts get into focus. I get centered. I get calm," Oprah's site quotes her words.

We can only imagine the benefits from lemonade!

And although Beyoncé isn't putting her name on liquid lemonade just yet, she has been receiving some famous praise for her work.

Stevie Wonder told Billboard.com that "Lemonade" is a "great art piece," and Hillary Clinton told Ellen DeGeneres, "I have seen parts of it, and I do like it. It's great."

Oprah, your lemonade has a lot to live up to, but as long as you love it like you do bread, we have our pitchers ready and "Hold Up" turned on!