"Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi was harassed and threatened by Teamsters while shooting the Bravo show in Boston back in 2014, to that point that she was "terrified."


Five members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in Boston will face trial for their alleged behavior, in which they are accused of intimidating the staff and crew of "Top Chef." At one point, one of the men allegedly reached into Padma's chauffeured van outside, threatened to hit her and used profane language, prosecutors allege.

The Teamsters were indicted in 2014.

In the indictment, according to the Daily Mail, it said the Teamsters demanded union members be hired as drivers and then threatened and harassed the crew for the show's non-union production company.

Prosecutors claim that one of the men ran up to Padma's car outside of a restaurant and declared, "We're gonna bash that pretty face in..." Prosecutors said that Padma was "terrified" and made the van driver find another way to enter the restaurant.


A area police chief said that union members vandalized cars owned by the crew and even slashed the tires on 14 vehicles.

The Daily Mail said officials have video footage of an incident they say shows one of the men "walking up to a producer and cracking his knuckles in a menacing manner," while saying, "I don't have to call you a name. You already know what you are."

The Teamsters often called the "Top Chef" cast and crew "scabs." They also reportedly used homophobic and racial slurs.