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For all intents and purposes, Paris Hilton lives in fear every day. She sees terrorist attacks that occur all over the world and she believes that she could be an ISIS target because, well, she's Paris Hilton.

"I'm constantly moving around from one country to another and I'm a famous person who could be a definite target for an attack and that is something that sometimes terrifies me," she told Spain's Diario de Ibiza.

She's right: Paris is a bit of a country hopper. She often performs her deejay sets at venues all over the world, particularly in Ibiza, Spain.

The ISIS attacks in Europe have made her watch her back.

"What's happening is horrible. The recent attacks in Nice and Germany are terrible," she said. "It's something that disgusts and worries me. I travel a lot and I get frightened when I think about things like this."

Still, despite her fears, she's said she's not determined to roll around with security.

"I'm also a very free person who tries not to be afraid of anything. I just make sure I always watch my back. I always go out alone and without security," she said. "Many celebs have 10 bodyguards but I like to go out with my friends and be normal because I want to be like everyone else. I'm not going to give up anything."

Soon, she may feel a little more secure with her lodging, too. Earlier this month, Forbes reported that the heiress is set to open a line of luxury hotels in Las Vegas, New York and Dubai.

Little else is known about the endeavor, but it certainly won't be a first for Paris, whose family has long been associated with Hilton hotels. In trying to distance herself from the family brand, the former reality star already has her name on one Paris Beach Club in the Philippines. A second is currently under construction, also in the Philippines.