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When Debbie Rowe begins undergoing chemo next month, she'll have her daughter, Paris Jackson, at her side.

Michael Jackson's 18-year-old daughter recently came back into her mom's life after learning she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer. TMZ reports Paris is now "at the center of [Debbie's] support system" as she makes plans to begin treatment.

According to the website, the reunited mother and daughter pair have been staying in touch via text and have visited one another's homes.

Paris distanced herself from her mother more than a year ago during a difficult period in her life following a suicide attempt in 2013. In 2014, Debbie reportedly wanted to become Paris' legal guardian, a move that upset the Jackson family members who have been looking after Paris since Michael died in 2009. Paris later struggled with alcohol issues and exhibited other ways of acting out. Her mother, whom she'd become close with after her dad's death, attempted to institute some boundaries on Paris' behavior, which Paris reportedly resisted.

Since then, Paris has enrolled in Alcoholics Anonymous and taken to sharing thoughtful posts on social media about her spirituality.

"We are changing from the inside out let go of all fears & open your heart to balance your physical & spiritual aspects of self," she said in a post after learning her mother has cancer.

She also reportedly texted Debbie to say "I love you" at the time as a means of reestablishing a relationship.

Despite signs she was focused on her own health and well-being, reports surfaced in July suggesting Paris' family was considering staging an intervention. The rumors seemed to have been sparked at least in part by images of a new boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, who has a confederate flag (he's said he got it because of a band he likes which uses it in its artwork).

Paris dismissed the intervention reports, which mostly came from the less-than-reliable site Radar.com, as lies.

The summer is likely to be a heavy time for Paris, who marks the milestones of both her father's death (June 25) and his birth (Aug. 29) during the warm months.

Michael would have turned 58 this week and his kids were clearly thinking about him. On Monday, Paris posted a poem written by her brother Prince, about their dad and the schism between his public persona ("the myth, the legend") and who he was in private ("the man").

"Love this..," Paris captioned an image of the poem. "proud of you big brother and happy birthday to the man that means more to us than anything and anyone ever could."