Last week, Kanye West passed Michael Jackson and Frankie Valli for having the most Top 40 hits. But, don't think for a second that Michael's daughter has a problem with the controversial rapper for unseating her father.

In fact, it's quite the opposite and she even said her late father was a Kanye fan.

The revelation came on Monday after one of Paris' 641,000 Instagram followers voiced her deep displeasure that Kanye was now the record holder.

"Screw Kanye West for knocking Michael off the chart for the most 40 hits," the post said. "If Michael was still here God he [would] have passed Kanye."

Paris, though, quickly came to Kanye's defense, telling the fan, "The first time I ever heard Kanye's Heartbreak album was from my dad, he played it for me all the time. He liked him."

A screengrab of the conversation was captured by The Shade Room.

#ParisJackson speaks on #KanyeWest beating #MichealJackson's top 40 hits record

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Paris continued in her defense of Kanye, saying the King of Pop "never saw music as a competition or a game, never have a motive to talk s--t about other artists. It was always about the love and respect and appreciation of music."

She even said any hate toward "The Life of Pablo" rapper or anyone else's success, for that matter, is misdirected and unwarranted.

"If someone breaks a new record, be happy for them. They worked hard for it and they earned it," she wrote. "Don't be angry or jealous or biased. Music is music and if it's good it deserves recognition."

The girl who made the comment later told Paris, "It just got me very upset but Micheal is the king of pop!! He was such a legend and he was a beautiful person inside out! I'm sorry for my comment."

The commenter also later said that she was getting hateful messages from Kanye fans for her comments.

In the slightly altered words of Michael, can't we heal the online world and make it a better place...