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Paris Jackson has seen enough of the media reports indicating that her family is planning to have an intervention for her.

The whole fiasco started last week with a simple picture that showed the daughter of the late Michael Jackson holding a beer while being accompanied by her boyfriend, 26-year-old rocker Michael Snoddy.

One particular report, in the not-overly-credible Radar Online, said the family was very concerned about her well-being.

The 18-year-old didn't take too kindly to hearing that and voiced her displeasure on Twitter.

"These pathetic attempts at slander make these media low-lives seem ignorant and trashy," she wrote. "Twisting a pic is one thing. Making it all up? Worse."

A source told Radar, "Family members like LaToya, Janet and Jermaine are very concerned about the path that Paris is on and they have even discussed staging an intervention … The problem is that everyone is afraid of Paris getting upset and moving out of the family house, especially now that she is financially independent. The whole family agrees that moving out would be the worst possible thing that she could do right now."

Paris didn't deny the authenticity of the image, but in an obscenity-laced message, she tweeted directly to Radar, saying the story was "all bull----," and added, "my family's smarter than to believe the slander and trash you a------- are spreading about me."

The teen, of course, has had problems in the past, and she's admitted to them. In 2013, she attempted suicide. Earlier this year on Instagram she called that her "dark past" and said she had moments of "self hatred." A few months earlier she revealed that she attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Last week, Paris took aim at another tabloid, The Hollywood Gossip, who claimed that the family saw the beer-in-hand photos and are terrified she'll relapse.

Again, Paris blasted the outlet, saying, "@THGossip not a single thing in that article is true. i still have yet to read anything from you guys that isn't complete and utter bull----."

As for why she was holding the can, she said, "[Michael] asked me to hold the bag while he pulled up his pants.. would you rather write an article about a picture of his underwear?"