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Their nasty custody battle has dominated headlines in recent days.

Now comes news that Paula Patton is putting her long-term custody demands on the backburner as she seeks psychological help for 6-year-old Julian, her son with Robin Thicke.

On Jan. 26, a judge issued a restraining order prohibiting Robin, 39 -- who in early January was the subject of a Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services child abuse investigation -- from coming within 100 yards of his son, Paula or her mother amid a slew of shocking domestic violence and drug use claims the actress made in court documents.

That's left Paula, 41, with -- at least for the time being -- sole physical and legal custody of Julian.

A new report from TMZ reveals that Paula is taking a step back from deciding on a long-term game plan until she can figure out what's going on with Julian, who's seemingly been in crisis.

"Paula doesn't know what the final custody arrangement should look like, because she doesn't know the extent of Julian's issues," TMZ reports, citing sources connected with the former couple.

Julian has been "acting out in troubling ways, which include hyperventilating and just 'freaking out,'" claims TMZ.

Paula, the site adds, is "putting the boy in therapy to figure out what, if anything, happened to him and how to fix it."

After she has more information from mental health professionals, she'll decide on her next move.

In recent weeks, Julian told school officials that his musician father had been spanking him hard, leading them to contact DCFS. Paula also claimed Robin -- who insisted in court papers that he only ever used light spanking, a form of discipline he and Paula had agreed upon -- got physical with their son.

Amid the custody drama, Paula shared with the court a long list of allegations revealing details about Robin's cheating, excessive drug use and use of physical force against her during their relationship.

Robin's camp has denied that the musician ever abused his son or his ex and has alleged that Paula, reports TMZ, conveniently brought up old abuse claims because of their recent custody dispute.

Robin's lawyer also alleged that Paula is being investigated by DCFS for emotional abuse.

Paula and Robin, who started dating as teenagers, split in 2014 and divorced in 2015.