Austin "Chumlee" Russell could have been looking at metal bars, but shortly after it was announced that he was avoiding jail time, his mind wandered to more relaxing locations.

The beach.

On May 18, the "Pawn Stars" funny man took to his new Instagram page to share a scenic, calming photo.

Life's a beach

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"Life's a beach," he captioned the snap that seemed to explain his current state of mind. It could hardly be metaphor for his life a few months earlier.

In April, Chumlee was arrested when cops raided his Las Vegas home during a sex assault investigation. During the raid, police found a haul of drugs and firearms.

There was so much in terms of drugs, that police said it was "consistent with a drug dealer's setup," although Chumlee has denied that he deals narcotics.

There is allegedly a spot in Chumlee's Las Vegas home that is called the "Chum Chum" room that hosts parties, where police believe drug use took place.

Police documents reveal that Chumlee, real name Austin Russell, had 1/4 pound of marijuana in a plastic bag, as was well 2 more jars full of weed and another smaller bag of pot. Police also found 7 clear capsules with 1.7 grams of methamphetamine powder and 17 Xanax bars.

Chumlee had been looking at some serious jail time if convicted, but it was reported on May 18 that he would dodge jail time and not face any sex assault charges. In fact, he's only getting probation for the entire incident.

TMZ said Chum will still be charged with felony possession of a firearm and felony possession of a controlled substance, but, as part of the plea deal, the felonies will eventually become misdemeanors once he completes probation.

After a thorough investigation, both sides decided there just wasn't enough evidence to charge him with sexual assault.

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Up until the arrest, Chum had been very active on social media, but he ended up taking down his Instagram page and recently relaunched another, only using it sporadically and rarely captioning images. He has also primarily refrained from using Twitter.

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Life could be a beach now, but he was awfully close to life being something else entirely instead.