Kiss this! Hilary Duff was put on the defensive on Monday, Dec. 12 after a swath of people criticized her for a seemingly adorable photo in which she kissed her 4-year-old son, Luca, on the lips.

On Tuesday, Dec. 13, Hilary clapped back with a not-so-veiled shot at the online haters.

"For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my four year old is 'inappropriate' go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgment," she wrote and shared on Instagram.

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In other words, she's going to continue to pucker up for her little man.

The bizarre controversy started after the 29-year-old actress shared an image of her giving Luca a smooch on the lips at Disneyland in front of the It's A Small World ride.

"Happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest place on earth! We love you @disneyland," she captioned the photo, along with several emojis.

The photo received over 235,000 likes, but not everyone seemed to find the cuteness in the image --it ignited a firestorm.

"You should not kiss your son like that. There's other ways to show love but not that one," one person said. "It's confusing for him, it's not healthy."

Another person even went so far as to say it was "abuse," although it's pretty clear that is far from the truth.

To be fair, many came to Hilary's defense and more people seemed to find the photo positive as opposed to "inappropriate."

"How is kissing one's child offensive?! Are these people robots?! People seriously need to chill," someone wrote. Many others voiced similar sentiments called the snap "beautiful," "lovely" and "cute."

After the kiss pic, Hilary shared an image of her son with several friends at Disneyland, all of them the picture of happiness.

The newly-single mom, who shares Luca with her ex-husband Mike Comrie, spoke to Yahoo in 2015 about raising a child in the public eye.

"It's the most joyous thing you'll do and also the most challenging," she said. "I put so much pressure on myself to do everything right, and so do all mothers. We think we should have all the answers — we need to breastfeed perfectly or discipline perfectly — but there are challenges every day."