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Hello, Adele? It's Pippa!

Pippa Middleton is in the midst of planning a wedding to her hedge-fund manager fiancé James Matthews, and has her sights set on a pretty impressive wedding singer -- Adele!

US Weekly is reporting that Duchess Kate's little sis was hoping to have the famous British songstress perform at her wedding, but found out that the price was rather steep.

A source shared that Pippa gave up on the dream of having Adele at her nuptials after she "realized how expensive she'd be." Though there's no reported price attached to a private Adele concert, stars of her caliber can typically earn around $1 million for a private show.

Though her dreams of having Adele at her big day are dashed, insiders say Pippa has reportedly "been really hands-on" when it comes to wedding planning.

Pippa's nuptials it will be happening in the English countryside in early summer next year, but don't expect anything close to a royal wedding. Though people close to Kate's sister say it will be "elegant," it definitely will not be a lavish event.

"Pippa doesn't want it to be too expensive or look gaudy," insiders explain of Prince William's sister-in-law's wishes.

And those looking to be on royal watch might be disappointed. Kate will not be serving as a bridesmaid or maid of honor, but instead sources close to the family say Kate will have a "smaller role," so as not to turn the festivities "into a circus."

There's no word yet on what the royal relative will be wearing on her big day, but if it's anything like her show stopping dress at the royal wedding it will certainly make waves.

Pippa and her beau have been engaged since July 2016, when James presented the beauty with a 4.5-carat Asscher-cut engagement ring during a vacation in the Lake District of northwest England.

Her family was delighted at the engagement news, with her father Michael Middleton telling the Press Association that he was "absolutely thrilled" for the "wonderful couple."

The pair have been together since 2012.