We didn't think it was possible, but President Obama just got a little bit cooler.

Lin Manuel Miranda, creator and star of Broadway's massive hit "Hamilton," was at the White House, along with the rest of the cast, for a workshop with high school students on Monday, March 14. At one point, Lin and POTUS headed to the Rose Garden for a little freestyle session, with Obama holding cue cards with words Lin had to incorporate into his rhymes.

The magic began when Obama said these three words: "Drop the beat."

Obama held up words like "Constitution," "Obamacare" and "The Federalist Papers." Shout out to Lin and his rapping skills for pulling these lyrics off so easily. Let's not pretend like political buzz words rhyme with just about anything.

When the President held up a cue cards with words "Supreme Court," Lin rapped, "We need a new justice for the Supreme Court/ In short, this is my book report."

Check out the video of the freestyle:

Another great moment was when Obama held up "Oval Office." Lin flowed with, "POTUS is holding up signs/ I'm not done/ It's the Oval Office/ Oh my gosh/ I can't believe I'm there/ it's so much more intimidating than if it was square."

The "Hamitlon" star was just as excited as everyone watching, tweeting, "Freestyle Love Supreme" after this big moment.

Lin, who soon plans to release a "Hamilton" mixtape executive produced by Questlove and featuring artists like Chance the Rapper, Common and Queen Latifah, says that the story of Alexander Hamilton is hip-hop at its core.

"It's a story of someone who rises and falls on the strength of their facility with words," Miranda told EW. "So to me, this was a hip-hop story. The fun for me in reading the rest of the book was assigning musical styles to each of the different characters."

At the end of their freestyle session, President Obama asked Lin, "You think this is gonna go viral?"

You don't have to be the leader of the free world to know the answer to that question.