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Prince Harry is over his playboy lifestyle and is looking to settle down.

"He is fed up with the single life," a source tells Us Weekly. "He's ready for love!"

The lovable Harry, also known as the "party prince," is reportedly dating two different women across the pond, but nothing is serious with either of them, yet.

"He's enjoying getting to know them, but he's not officially dating anyone," the source said, but added that Harry is taking his dating life serious and that he's isn't "just messing around."

"Harry is serious about settling down," the source said of the former Army captain. "He's single, but he's putting himself out there to find someone."

Reports claimed recently that the redheaded prince is wooing an American girl named Juliette Labelle, a former Dior PR assistant. In fact, it's believed that he hooked up with the blond beauty while he was vacationing in Los Angles over the New Year.

"Juliette and Harry hit it off and had an instant connection," a source said at that time, adding that the relationship seems like "a short-term thing."

The pair have been texting "and using a lot of emojis.

The new Us Weekly source said Harry and Juliette still speak, but there probably isn't a future.

"It's now just a friends thing because they don't live in the same country," Us' source said this week.

Meanwhile, Harry is also rumored to have "a potential love interest" back in London, but the source did not name names or hint at who that may be.

Last summer, Harry was spotted out with British "Dr. Who" star Jenna Coleman on multiple occasions. A few months later, he and his on-off girlfriend of many years Chelsy Davy were rumored to have considered getting back together.

Harry's new quest for love marks a changed tune since September, when he told Britain's ITV, "There are a lot of things to get done before settling down."

But, still, family has been on the forefront of his mind for quite some time.

"I'd love to have kids right now but there's a process one has to go through," he told Sky News last spring. "The time will come and whatever happens happens."

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