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Chris Jackson / Getty Images North America 1 / 8

With just one simple prick, Prince Harry showed the world just how easy it is to get tested for HIV and AIDS. In the process, he also showed the world that he is clean.

The affable royal took the test at the Guys and St. Thomas' Hospital during a Facebook Live and in front of cameras. Just before the test, as he spoke with the doctor, Harry admitted that he was "nervous."

The purpose of the test was simple: He wanted to show that staying safe and responsible is easy. And, he also wanted to show how quick the process actually is.

"Weird, that didn't even hurt," he said after his finger was pricked and the doctor began collecting his blood.

Harry can be seen taking a deep breath as the doctor explained how they would discover if he was HIV positive or negative. He was negative.

"It's amazing how quick it is," he said. "Some blood tests you have to wait weeks."

After getting the results, the prince continued to speak to the doctor. He wants to encourage others to get tested, even those who don't think they have been exposed, in an effort to "normalize" the process.

"It's better that everyone goes and gets tested. Why wouldn't you? Whether you're a man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, whatever, even ginger, why wouldn't you come and have a test?" he said.

During her life, Harry's mother Diana also made HIV/AIDS a big part of her royal agenda.

In an effort to applaud Harry and to make testing not taboo, Kensington Palace live streamed the test.

"Prince Harry believes his generation needs to take leadership in the fight against HIV, or risk losing the gains of those who've come before," the Palace tweeted.

The Palace retweeted many who applauded Harry and shared pictures of him further educating himself on the topic.

Next week, Harry will attend the International AIDS Conference #AIDS2016 in Durban in South Africa.