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Love from all corners! "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Apollo Nida has gotten engaged from behind prison bars.

Who the woman is remains a mystery for now, but, according to TMZ, they've been dating for two years and she "does appear on the show later in the season at one of the cast events."

Apollo's new fiance lives in New Jersey fairly close to the federal prison where he's serving his sentence, the website said, adding that she visits twice a week.

She apparently does not have an engagement ring,

Apollo, who is in prison for fraud, and the mystery woman began dating before his eight-year prison sentence started in September 2014. The duo started seeing each other before he and Phaedra Parks filed for divorce in 2015 after nearly five years of marriage.

She and Apollo have reportedly both shot scenes for the upcoming "Housewives" season. In the scene's, he's on the phone from prison, so only his voice is heard. Producers of the show are desperately trying to keep the fiancé's identity under wraps until the episode airs.

The mystery woman and Phaedra did not film any scenes together, but camera crews captured her reaction upon hearing that her ex is engaged.

On a recently episode of "Housewives," Phaedra spoke to co-star Porsha Williams about her decision to end things with Apollo.

"I filed for divorce last year, and it has been a long, drawn-out process because Apollo has not wanted to get the divorce," she said. "I'm waiting for word on my divorce being final. I'm just hoping that we can get this resolved."

Phaedra and Apollo shared two children together, Ayden, 6, and Dylan, 3. Last year, she said she was in no rush to let her kids visit their dad in prison.

"Whether I take the children to see their father in prison, or if I don't take them — someone's going to be unhappy," she said. "Ayden might resent the fact that he has to go to a prison to visit his father, or he could resent the fact that I don't allow him to…it's a no-win situation."