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As "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" gears up for its eighth season debut on Nov. 8, it's being revealed that a very violent moment was caught on camera during filming.

A physical altercation occurred while shooting scenes for the season back in September, according to TMZ. Though this cast is no stranger to a brawl, this one sent a prospective cast member to the hospital and resulted in the police being called.

Newcomer Tammy McCall Browning, who was being considered as a potential new housewife, allegedly thought recruiting friend and former NBA player Glen Rice Jr. might help her snag a full-time role. Tammy invited Glen to a home in Miami where the ladies were shooting, and it's being reported that the other women voiced their concerns to producers that Glen was being too aggressive and making them feel uncomfortable.

TMZ reports that when Tammy voiced this concern to Glen, he went to confront one of the housewives. When she attempted to get in the middle of Glen and the housewife a source says "he lost it," and knocked Tammy to the ground.

Tammy was taken to the hospital for evaluation, where she was told she didn't have a concussion. When the potential new housewife returned to continue filming, the women of Atlanta made it clear that he was not welcome back with the ladies. Cops were called to the scene after another argument erupted, and while Glen wasn't arrested, he's not welcome back on the show.

And while Tammy didn't receive a spot as a full-time housewife, the footage of her writhing in pain on the floor after the altercation is included in the new season's promo clip, so the drama will likely unfold on the show.