In the real real world, people age and sometimes they end up looking very different.

MTV "Real World" star Chris "CT" Tamburello is unrecognizable these days, far from the fresh-faced kid who often wore a baseball cap and dated the late Diem Brown for years.

At a recent event in New York for Mountain Dew, CT rocked a huge bushy beard, one that even a mountain man would respect.

Also at the event was fellow "Real World" alum Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio, who shared a photo of he and his follicly-gifted pal.

"Dudes Doin the DEW," he captioned the snap.

Bananas doesn't look as different as his pal. But they have both changed -- especially with what they watch on TV, which does not include their former show.

"As you get older, [you think] 'Wait, people still watch that show? It's still on?' People outgrow it," CT told

"It gets harder [for me] to relate," Johnny said. "They're 21, 22 years old. What I'm going through in my life now at 33 is different than what these kids are going through. They've also changed the format. When we were on, it was put a bunch of 20 somethings in a house that wanna party, hang out and get f—-ed up, with little drama on the side."

CT added, "Now, it's lets take every single person from every wacky walk of life with every issue you can imagine, put them in a house together, shake it up and watch it explode. It's at the point where the drama is more important."

In thinking of their seasons (CT was in Paris and Johnny was in Key West, Fla.), they both spoke about how different the franchise would be in they were cast in different cities.

"This guy got stuck in … they call it Paris, but you were an hour and a half outside the city," Johnny said. "They called it Key West, [but] I was 30 minutes outside of Key West! I didn't get the full experience because I'm in a town, a seasonal town… Vegas, they're in the Palms casino."

He added, "My season would have been completely different if they put me in Vegas."