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For three years, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have dodged romance rumors while credible media outlets report that they are an item.

Over the years, there have been reports that claim he is hesitant to go public. There are others saying that she doesn't want to put their romance on full display. However, according to a new claim, there's a valid reason why they don't show off their love to the world and it all centers around her 2012 divorce from Tom Cruise.

Radar Online is claiming that there's a clause in Katie and Tom's divorce decree stating that she can't publicly date anyone until five years after the end of the marriage. She and Tom, who share 10-year-old Suri, split in June 2012 after five years of marriage.

"Katie signed a clause in her quickie divorce settlement that prevents her from embarrassing Tom in various ways, like talking about him or Scientology, or publicly dating another man for five years after the divorce," a source told the website. "She's allowed to date, but she cannot do so in a public fashion, and she's not supposed to let any boyfriend near their daughter, Suri."

The actress agreed to sign the documents to simply get out of the marriage as soon as possible, the source said.

"Katie wanted out of the marriage so badly, she agreed to the terms - and got $4.8 million in child support, plus another $5 million for herself," the source stated.

Jamie and Katie were first spotted dancing together in August 2013 at a party in New York. Since then, they've been rumored to have taken part in a ton of secret rendezvous. In 2014, the New York Post said she flew private (as to not draw attention) to California to stay with Jamie at his home around the Grammys. Multiple other clandestine meet ups have allegedly occurred, as well.

Fast forward to 2015, where it was revealed that Katie says those three magic words to him, "I love you." She also reportedly wore a disguise to meet up with him in secret in Los Angeles, Us Weekly reported.

"Oh come on, you guys have been trying to get that to stick for three years," Jamie responded to a paparazzo's question about how things were going with Katie in 2015, saying the two were "just friends."

In June 2016, former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star and Jamie's pal Claudia Jordan said on the Allegedly podcast, "He is very happy with [Katie]. I like that he seems very happy."

However, less than 24 hours after making the comments, Claudia backtracked and said she "misspoke."

"I have no knowledge of Jamie with Katie at all," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I've never seen them together, he's never told me he's dating her."

Mark your calendars: the summer of 2017 could be the summer of Katie and Jamie.