Love triangle! Justin Bieber had two women "battling" for his heart this week: Rebel Wilson and Kelly Osbourne.

The two women went old school with their approach (Think: check yes or no.)

The funny exchange all went down after Justin, under the cover of darkness, in the middle of Jennifer Lopez's opening night show at Las Vegas' Planet Hollywood Hotel on Jan. 20.

With the girls near the Biebs, they decided to slip him a few date requests on pieces of paper.

This is HOW to pick up Justin Bieber at the J Lo concert with @kellyosbourne X

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In a handwritten note, the girls wrote, "Dear Justin, My name is Kelly Osbourne and my name is Rebel Wilson. We think you should take our sexy hot a---- out after the show (nothing weird)."

They then left Justin with the option to mark "yes" or "no" in two boxes, just like in grade school.

Guess what, Justin obliged, checking yes! (Swiping right is soooo 2015!)

This shit between @rebelwilson @justinbieber and I is getting #REAL

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Kelly also wrote her own advance after Justin affirmation. "I'm Kelly and I'm Rebel. We were just wondering where are you taking us?" she asked. She gave him the options of "your hotel" or "our hotel."

The hilarious exchange was all documented on the stars' Instagram pages.

"This is HOW to pick up Justin Bieber at the J Lo concert with @kellyosbourne," Rebel wrote of her proposition.

Kelly captioned her snap of the note exchange, "This sā€”- between @rebelwilson @justinbieber and I is getting #REAL."

Successful mission #HowToBeSingle

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The group, prior to leaving show, eventually posed together, and Rebel dubbed it a "successful mission" and used the hashtag #HowToBeSingle (We see you with the photobomb Hoda Kotb!)

Once the night was over, Justin tweeted that he and the girls "had fun." He also directed a tweet at the woman of the night, J. Lo.

"Thank you @JLo for having me at opening night. Incredible show," he tweeted. "Thanks and congrats."