Tamra Judge has no time for judging!

The "Real Housewives of Orange County" star has been tirelessly training for an upcoming bodybuilding competition -- which has been heavily chronicled on her Instagram -- and is shutting down haters before they can start picking on one surprising part of her body.

That body part that Tamra receives the most harsh feedback about? Her belly button.

The 48-year-old took to Instagram on May 24 to set the record straight about this "obvious" feature, finishing off her caption with, "Before all you mean people start pointing out the obvious about my belly button. I had emergency surgery and was cut vertically down my stomach which screwed up my BB."

Tamra's vocal caption sheds light on the "Real Housewives" frequent bikini-clad photos. While she hasn't been shy about showing off her phenomenal body progress, there's rarely a photo of Tamra rocking a bikini taken from a front angle.

Her body-baring snaps often show off a side angle of her amazing progress, likely due to the influx of mean comments the reality star expected on social media.

Tamra also posts plenty of photos that focus on her amazingly sculpted legs, and show off her progress as she learns the surprisingly difficult art of walking and posing on the stage.

The self-proclaimed "hottest housewife" opened up to E! News back in 2013 about the surgery, sharing, "They had to reconstruct my whole stomach. It was really, really bad. I almost died." The surgery involved inserting metal plates into her stomach, which left her with a nice perk -- "abs of steel."

Now healthy and happily working towards competing in a MuscleMania bikini-body competition later this month, Tamra has not been shy about showing off her body progress.

Tamra's fitness competition training will be featured on the upcoming eleventh season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

The first teaser for the upcoming installment debuted on May 22, packed with promises of a very dramatic season. We're ready to whoop it up and are currently counting down the days until the premiere June 20!