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Richard Simmons, the longtime TV fitness guru, has been released from a Los Angeles hospital after reportedly demonstrating bizarre behavior, leading many to wonder if he was perhaps having a stroke.

On Friday, June 3, Richard was taken to the hospital just before midnight after his housekeeper and longtime friend called 911 and claimed he had become incoherent. As paramedics arrived, they were uncertain if he had suffered from a stroke or was suffering from mental disease, like dementia, TMZ reported.

On Saturday, though, Richard was released, which would appear to rule out the possibility of a stroke. It's believed that he is back home.

The "Sweatin' To The Oldies" host has been a virtual recluse for the better part of three years, reportedly shunning friends and never going to his Beverly Hills, Calif., fitness studio, where he was once a mainstay.

In early 2015, friends worried that he was depressed or even being held hostage because of his absence. However, police went to his home and surmised that he was fine and simply wanted to be left alone.

At the time, Richard said he actually had daily contact with many people, but he had cut out people who weren't close friends.

Richard's last public appearance was in January 2014.