The Federal Communications Commission may not know where to start with Rihanna's new music video for "Needed Me."

The incredibly well-produced video features basically everything that would warrant an NC-17 rating if it were a motion picture, which it kind of is, considering the over three-minute video tells a story that's about murder and brutality, all at the hands of the femme fatale, RiRi.

The video, released on Wednesday, prominently features nudity, guns and strip clubs, while the lyrics of the song are laced with profanity and speak rather loosely of drugs and sex.


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Then again, she calls herself "Bad Girl RiRi" on social media for a reason!

"Needed Me" opens with a serene image of the Miami skyline and the Atlantic Ocean. The video then quickly shifts to an image of Rihanna wearing a see-through sheer cover-up that covers up nothing. Her breasts are easily seen. That's just the beginning of the breast brigade in this video.

30 minutes until #NEEDEDMEVIDEO @VEVO

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RiRi is then seen blowing on a gun she's holding in her hand as she looks out over the water. Images then cut to her implying that she's smoking marijuana.

About two seconds later, the video cuts to a strip club, where a nude woman dances on poles and men throw wads of cash in the air.

There's more drug implications and a scene of a man grabbing the buttocks of a topless woman in his home.

So, to keep track, one minute into the video and we've seen Rihanna's breasts twice; seven visual references to drugs; four scenes from within a strip club; and too many firearms to count.


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The video takes NSFW to another level.

RiRi, per usual, isn't even pretending that she wasn't smoking marijuana in the video. On Instagram she posted a snap from the video of her smoking. "Just because it's 420," she captioned, a reference to the date of April 20, a sort of national holiday for the marijuana industry.

Just because it’s 420 #NEEDEDME #NOON #VEVO

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Back to the video, though, Rihanna seems to be laser-focused on death, as she strolled though the strip club (which is featured again and again and again) and seems determined to end the fate of a heavily tattooed man getting a lap dance from a stripper in a private room.

Rihanna points a gun at him as he smokes marijuana and throws money at her face, as if she were a stripper. She fires the gun twice, forcing the man to fall off a couch onto the ground. She then fires one more round.

A scene shows the man dead on the tile floor with blood gushing from his body, a gun still in his hand and $100 dollar bills littering the floor around him.

"Didn't they tell you that I was a savage," she sings in one of the only SFW lyrics of the song.

Check out the video below.