Sounds like we can all sleep well tonight now that Rob Kardashian has confirmed that his famous family is on board with his engagement to Blac Chyna.

TMZ spoke to Rob and Chyna as they left a "business meeting" in Century City, California. When the pap asked him if he was going to get married in spite of his family's disapproval, Rob replied, "My family's very happy."

Chyna, on the other hand, ignored questions about her wanting to become the biggest reality star in the world, although you can hear her utter "that's sweet" as if it's an appealing notion.

Of course, we still haven't heard any public statements from the Kardashian/Jenner Klan about Rob's upcoming nuptials, which is odd because they all continue to be active on social media.

The Author George entrepreneur did share two snapchats sent to him by sister Kim, who appears to have a lighthearted response to the engagement news. Rob posted a video of Kim joking about the entire situation with this caption, "Had to post this snap my sis sent me. LOL she's got jokes! #KimsCryFace."

And Kim seems to be referencing Rob's upcoming wedding in this video, made in "honor of Rob's big day." Rob captioned this one, "Sister love."

This small public gesture doesn't mean Blac Chyna will be asking any of the Kardashian or Jenner sisters to be her maid of honor anytime soon. In fact, Chyna's BFF Amber Rose says she doubts the future Mrs. Kardashian will even have a maid of honor.

Rose recently told Jezebel, "I don't think she'll have a maid of honor, but I don't know."

"I would hope [Chyna would choose me] but maybe she just has too many friends for that. Sometimes you can't!" she added.

Rose also to Us Weekly that the couple doesn't need outside approval to be happy because they are the real thing. "I love them together. … They are super silly together," she raved to Us. "They literally crack up and laugh all day long, like it's not just a front for social media. … I'm really happy for her. She deserves it."