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Now this is the Rob Kardashian we know and love (as much as you can know and love a reality TV star).

A relaxed looking Rob shot the breeze with a TMZ cameraman at LAX on Monday, April 18 and happily opened up about his upcoming wedding, his ongoing diet and why Uber is his new best friend.

"I take Ubers daily. My license is suspended. It's expired and suspended," Rob, 29, told the cameraman as he and his fiancée, Blac Chyna, 26, waited for their car service to arrive.

When asked why his license got suspended, chatty Rob responded, "Just life. I really don't even know. I think I just have to take care of something — a ticket — and my birthday just passed."

Hmmm. Knowing that sounded suspicious and that there was more to the story, the cameraman pressed on. Rob finally admitted he got a speeding ticket when he drove the 20 hours from Los Angeles to Texas to rescue Blac Chyna from jail. "I was speeding a couple times," Rob explained. He said he was, "driving to Texas to grab her," referring to his fiancée.

As we previously reported, Chyna was arrested at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport during a layover in Texas on January 29. She was charged with public intoxication and drug possession. Court reports indicate she had two small pills that equaled 1.26 grams of ecstasy in her possession.

Rob also said he's lost 40-50 lbs so far, but he's not worried about his weight because he's busy being "happy." He also made it clear that he's "not televising anything" when it comes to his upcoming nuptials.

Something tells us he didn't consult with mom Kris Jenner before making that statement. We're still betting the BlacRob wedding with be the TV event of 2016.