@rosemcgowan / Instagram 1 / 12
@rosemcgowan / Instagram 1 / 12

A lot off the top! Rose McGowan has embraced her inner rebel by changing her outer appearance.

The actress, never one to play by the rules, decided to shear off her hair on Nov. 19. All of it.

In a video, Rose documented the hair cut on Instagram, showing hair stylist Adrian Arredondo putting a razor though her short dark locks.

"I don't want it anymore #rebelyell #everythingisart," she captioned the video that left her with nothing on top of her head.

She later posted two images of herself with her fresh cut. "The alien has landed," she captioned a photo of herself wearing a black tank top, staring at the camera. She later posted a selfie that clearly showed just how low she decided to go.

"No hair don't care," she wrote. "Honestly, it's liberating."

Before her makeover was complete, though, she played the role of barber and shaved her hairstylist's head, too. "My turn. Hairz by @rosemcgowan," he wrote.