Ouch! Ruby Rose figured that a day in the ocean in Ibiza would be a fun and relaxing day... That was, until she had an encounter with a violent jellyfish that ended up attacking her.

The "Orange is the New Black" actress took to Instagram on Thursday to show a video of her wincing in pain as a friend pours a liquid from a plastic cup on the wound.

"So.. This happened... πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ jelly fish attack!!!," she captioned the video that shows her wearing a mismatching bikini and laying on her side.

"It's bubbling! It's bubbling," her girlfriend, Harley Gusman says, reassuring the actress as she grimaces and smiles during the process.

It's not known what was put on the wound, but vinegar is commonly recommended (there's also that old theory about, well, you know, peeing on the wound -- that didn't happen here and some argue that it's false anyway!)

"I have another one, though," Ruby says after the friend finishes putting the fluid on the pink bite, indicating she was stung more than once.

After posting the video, Ruby shared an image of her looking at her injuries, which looks almost as if a rash has occurred in the area.

"Man down πŸ˜‚," she captioned the photo, "but also I've gone my whole life not getting stung.. As an Australian it was only a matter of time. #jellyfishblues."

She seemed no worse for wear a little later, sharing several images from the same day, judging by her swimsuit.

In one snap, seen by her 8.5 million Instagram followers, she shows off her turquoise braids while looking at her phone. In the caption, she simply used a heart emoji and gave a shout out to her hairstylist, Castillo.

Another photo on the Jellyfish-adjacent boat shows her with Castillo again.

Her day on the water came on the heels of the actress finishing a deejay set in house music-heavy Ibiza.

"My last Ibiza show.." she said. "2 more left of the Europe tour and then its time to hang up the headphones and start getting ready for my next film ... "