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Russell Crowe is in the clear and won't be charged after singer Azealia Banks claimed he assaulted her in his Beverly Hills Hotel suite.

TMZ is reporting that the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office agreed that physical contact took place, but said the actor was well within his rights since Azealia was "out of control."

The site said several witnesses claimed that Azealia repeatedly used a racial epithet and was verbally aggressive to people in Russell's room in October. Further, several others in the room said she picked up a glass and threatened to use it to cut the throat of a guest.

At the time, Azealia filed a police report and alleged that the "Gladiator" star choked her, called her the n-word and spit on her as he removed her from the suite. After an investigation, prosecutors said Russell physically removing her was "justified to prevent the imminent violence threatened by Banks." The D.A. added that the alleged spitting was "incidental to preventing more serious threatened violence."

The whole thing is rather bizarre. On Oct. 15, Russell reportedly invited about 10 people to his room to have dinner and listen to music. Azealia was the guest of Wu Tang Clan's RZA. As the story goes, trouble started brewing when Azealia laughed out loud at Russell's music selection.

Witnesses told TMZ at the time that one woman in the room told Azealia to cool it. Instead, though, she apparently threatened Russell and the woman who came to his aid. In her speech, she said she was considering breaking a glass and stabbing them in the throat. Azealia then allegedly reached for her glass and cocked it back. At that point, Russell grabbed her in a bear hug and carried her out of the suite. He then called hotel security guards who removed Azealia from the grounds.

She made a different claim and alleged Russell was the bad guy here, but others in the room, including RZA, backed Russell's story.