Ryan Beatty needed to get something off his chest after 20 years.

The "Like Me Or Not" singer used Instagram on June 28 to tell his fans that he's gay.

He explained why he decided to reveal his sexual orientation with a photo of a couple holding onto each other behind a pink balloon that reads, "Gay Power."

In the caption, the 20-year-old wrote, "proud to be a raging homosexual. it's taken 20 years of suffocating in the closet for me to become comfortable enough to say it, but now I can finally breathe. i did it!"

Ryan then went on Twitter to thank his fans for their support.

In a series of tweeted he wrote, "I'm so happy I'm gay. damn. i'm so grateful to have friends and family that support me and just want me to be happy."

He continued, "that's unconditional love. thank you to anyone who's reached out to me with the supportive words. I'm so happy."

Ryan is also happy to announce that his new single "Passion" will be released on July 1.

He started his career on YouTube and sang covers. His Bruno Mars "Marry You" cover from five years ago currently has over 6 million views. He gained more fame in 2012 with his first EP, "Because of You," and he toured with Cody Simpson that same year.

Thanks to his YouTube start, Ryan instantly drew Justin Bieber comparisons as a teen, and Justin Bieber even covered Ryan's song, "Every Little Thing."

"I was definitely so shocked," Ryan told MTV back in 2012 about Justin covering his song. "It was definitely one of the craziest things that has ever happened to me and I didn't expect it whatsoever especially from Justin Bieber of all people. I was extremely grateful when I instantly saw it I wanted to thank him, I took to Twitter and thanked him, and so many people were very stoked off it. I was excited about it, hearing someone like that cover one of my songs. It was such an honor. I have nothing but respect for the guy."

Like Justin, Ryan has come a long way from his YouTube days.

In that same 2012 MTV interview, Ryan said, "It's definitely been one of my goals to try to let people know that I'm not just that kid from YouTube that's just going to do covers like the rest of my life. I'm really becoming an artist now and they've [the fans] taken it really well."

Ryan has a lot to be proud of!