Salma Hayek is beautiful with or without makeup.

The 49-year-old actress posted a makeup-free selfie on Dec. 15, 2015 and showed us all how perfect her skin is naturally.

"Wet hair, no make up, no filter, no retouch, but very good light. #hair #nomakeup #nofilter #noretouch #light," Salma captioned the pic.

So whats her secret?

She swears by her own skincare line, Nuance Salma Hayek.

In May 2015, she spoke to The Cut about her daily beauty routine.

"My routine changes, it depends on how my skin wakes up. I don't do it like a machine. I look at it, I pay attention. I talk to it. like, 'What do we need today?' And then I have all of my potions. I start mixing my favorite Nuance AM/PM cream," she explained. "If I'm extra dry, I will do this [mixes moisturizer with a few drops of face oil]. When you moisturize, sometimes it just makes you feel good. It wakes you up; it makes you feel like you had a great breakfast like it was healthy or something."

Salma has also spoken about what not to do. She spoke to Allure in August 2015 about the worst beauty advice she received, and it was to start Botox early.

"When I was young, they tried to sell me on the idea: 'If you do [Botox] now, then you won't get the wrinkles,'" she said. "And thank God I didn't do that."