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My bad. Scott Disick is on an apology tour.

Kourtney Kardashian's ex has been baring his soul to many of his friends and family ever since checking out of a Malibu, Caif., rehab center on Nov. 10, where he sought treatment for alcohol abuse for five weeks. He's still reportedly in an outpatient program.

Scott "has apologized to everyone" for his past behavior, a source told Us Weekly. "It's part of his treatment. He's also been going to the rehab center every day and spending a lot of time with his sober companion. He is really committed to this."

Scott, of course, has been to rehab before, but many sources believe this time it's actually the real deal, mainly because of Kourtney and their three children, Mason, 5, Penelope, 3, and Reign, 11 months.

Winning back Kourtney, his girlfriend of nine years, remains his top priority, the magazine said.

"He wants to be there for his family," the source said.

It appears that Scott has come a long way in Kourtney's eyes, too. Not long ago, it was reported that she would not allow Scott to see the children without supervision. However, Us reports that she let him spend solo time with them on Nov. 11 and 13. Furthermore, on Nov. 13, the two attended their pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr.'s book party.

Scott has also been speaking with Kourtney's family, trying to win back their trust. He's hoping to return to "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

"He asked [Kris Jenner] for a second chance," says the source. "He needs the money."

Scott's troubles have been well-chronicled on the multiple Kardashian family reality shows many times.

Kourtney and Scott split this summer after he was photographed getting a little too close for comfort with an ex girlfriend in Monte Carlo. Throughout their relationship, the former couple broke up and got back together several times. Many assumed that, based on history, they would find their way to each other again. They still may.

Last week, a source indicated that she has left the door open for a reconciliation if Scott can maintain his sobriety.

The report says that the duo are not back together by any means, but they took a "huge" step toward coupledom by attending a counseling session at Scott's treatment center.