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Sean Kingston was kidnapped and robbed in a bizarre incident this week, he claims, and now the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating.

The singer told police that the whole ordeal was over a watch that he agreed to pay $225,000 for. It's not known when he actually agreed to buy the jewelry, but he was making payments on it and thus far had paid about $185,000.

However, as time went on, he decided the watch wasn't worth the remaining balance so he agreed with the jeweler to swap that watch for a watch of lesser value to cancel out the difference.

Follow so far? This is where it gets strange.

TMZ says Sean met the jeweler around 2 am on Nov. 17 in a downtown parking lot (because that's where and when all jewelry purchases are made) to make the trade. Sean got in the back of the jeweler's car (sounds legit), took off his watch, handed it to the jeweler and was expecting a less valuable time keeper in return.

Instead, the jeweler allegedly got angry and refused to give Sean either watch. The jeweler and his platinum-loving posse then allegedly locked the door of the car and drove off with Sean in the car, held against his will (and without a watch on his wrist!)

TMZ says Team Jewelry told Sean to beat it and threw him out of the car in a secluded area.

It this is all true, it's a true-to-life kidnapping.