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Rapper Sean Kingston is being sued in New York for writing over $300,000 in bad checks for jewelry.

According to a lawsuit filed in the Manhattan federal court, Sean spent $302,500 at Aqua Master in July, taking home nine watches, chains, rings and necklaces. The lawsuit says Sean put down a $1,000 deposit and promised the balance would be taken care of with his business manager wiring the funds. However, Aqua Master says instead of Sean paying, his company, Time Is Money Entertainment, wrote two checks, both of which bounced.

The lawsuit, obtained by the New York Post, said among the items that Sean took home were two watches containing a total of 46 carats of diamonds, a chain with 99 carats of diamonds, two diamond "tennis" necklaces and two yellow gold chains.

Court docs said his funds didn't go through because payment had been "stopped" or because there was insufficient funds.

This isn't the first time Sean has been accused of stiffing a jeweler, either. In March, a Florida jeweler said the rapper skipped out on a $48,000 bill. Last year, he was ordered to pay another New York jeweler -- Avi Da Jeweler -- more than $350,000 for passing off bad checks for watches.

In an interview with Raq Rants, Sean was asked why so many jewelers have problems with him.

"I have people who work with every jeweler that I've ever been to. How it works is when I go to a jeweler I say 'I want this, I want that, I want that, I want that,'" he said, explaining that he often pays the brunt of the bill on the spot, but then takes out payments on the remaining tab.

"If I'm late on the payment, I'm not late on the payment because I don't have the money," he explained. "I'm late on the payment because my mom handles my businesses and she's all over the place doing a million things at once because I don't have a business manager... the money is there."

He went onto say that many of these jewelers are "very money hungry and only looking at clients as a dollar sign."