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All signs point to a reconciliation for Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, but it won't be an overnight process.

Sharon, it seems, is still trying to move past Ozzy's alleged affair.

"They're not about to book a trip to the Maldives together," a source told the New York Post's Page Six section, "but they talk every day. She's still disgusted by him."

Since Ozzy's alleged infidelity with hairstylist Michelle Pugh and perhaps other women, Sharon has been getting a lot of support, especially from her co-hosts at "The Talk."

Sarah Gilbert, "has really been there for Sharon, and the kids [Jack and Kelly] are firmly on Team Sharon, not Team Ozzy," the source said.

We know without question what "team" Kelly is not on, and that is Team Michelle.

The former "Fashion Police" star was branded as a bully last month after tweeting out the alleged mistress' phone number, along with an X-rated version of "for a good time, call …"

"Anyone looking for CHEAP chunky LOW-lights a blow out and …," the post began, before specifying a sex act and instructing readers to call Michelle, whose phone number reportedly followed.

The unprintable tweet was quickly derided by Kelly's followers, one of whom slammed her for being a "bully."

Sharon defended her daughter by simply lauding Kelly's "sense of humor."

For many, though, they think this alleged affair doesn't pass the smell test and there's some belief among the music industry that this could all be just a publicity stunt to hype up the 20th anniversary of Ozzfest.

Page Six began questioning Sharon's motives after she and Ozzy arrived in the same car together at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on May 12 to announce Ozzfest. At one point during the announcement, Ozzy even gave his wife a hug.

"Sharon is the queen of publicity stunts, there's always deliberate drama going on, it maintains interest in them as a family," said a source described as "an entertainment industry insider."

Sources continued to tell both Page Six and TMZ the couple have had marital problems. But Page Six asks why Ozzy's alleged cheating, which Sharon has discussed in the past, is suddenly grounds for divorce.

"She's a very smart woman, it would be very hard for Ozzy to carry on an affair under her nose without her knowing about it," the insider tells the tab. "If it is a stunt, it has got him almost as much press as when he bit that bat's head off."