Rest assured, folks! Hugh Jackman is still hot, hot, hot!

"The Wolverine" actor looked buffer, sexier and younger than ever while strolling shirtless in the sand on Bondi Beach in Australia on Aug. 17, a week after a strange Instagram picture he posted had the Internet in a tizzy over his older appearance.

Just take a long look at the 37-year-old's pecks and abs! They're pretty remarkable.

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The buzz all started on Aug. 11, when Hugh posted a photo looking seemingly gaunt with bags under his eyes.


His strange, aged look could've very well been for a movie role, especially since most of the other pics on his page seemed normal.

After today, there's no denying that he looked more than fine while soakin' up the sun on the beach.

If only we could all look that good at close to 40 years old ...