The stars of HBO's "Silicon Valley" -- Thomas Middleditch and T.J. Miller -- have reunited for the upcoming action-comedy "Search Party," in which the former Pied Piper CEO stars as Nardo, a groom-to-be on a mission to win back his bride (Shannon Woodward's Tracy) after his two best friends (T.J.'s Jason and "The Mindy Project" star Adam Pally's Evan) put a dramatic end to his wedding. got an exclusive first look at the film, which also stars Krysten Ritter and Alison Brie, and is available in select theaters and on VOD on May 13, 2016. Keep reading to check out never-before-seen photos from the raucous comedy, plus get the scoop on six things we learned about the film from the funnymen (and one of the funnywomen!) who brought it to life.


No. 1: Thomas Middleditch got naked during his audition

"I said to myself, 'Gee-willikers! If I could have that Nardo part I'd be a happy camper,'" the "Silicon Valley" star says of auditioning for the role of the heartbroken groom, who chases his former fiancée to Baja, Mexico, when she decides to go on their honeymoon alone after they break up at the altar on their wedding day.

"I think I got the part because I took my clothes off in the audition room," admits Thomas, whose Nardo is stranded south of the border without clothes or money after he's carjacked in a remote part of the Mexican desert while hunting down his love.

"Then we did two big old table reads for studio executives, and I did it in front of them too. I figured if I'm going to be nude in the movie, I should show them my real deal," he adds. "So my advice to all those ambitious young Hollywood kids is: Get nude. You'll rule."

Richard Cartwright / Focus World / Promotional

No. 2: T.J. Miller's Jason is kind of like a combination of his "Silicon Valley" and "Deadpool" alter egos

"[Jason is] a hard-drinking, gambling, pro-marijuana lowlife," says the funnyman. "For him, getting high, working in a donut shop and hanging out with his friends is still priority one. It's hard to see a friend slip into that adult ether -- when you're still doing ether."

Combine arrogant stoner-entrepreneur Erlich Bachman of "Silicon Valley" with "Deadpool" bartender Weasel -- who bets on his own pal's death -- and what do you get? "Search Party" slacker Jason!

Richard Cartwright / Focus World / Promotional

No. 3: Adam Pally is playing the straight man

His endearingly weird man-child alter ego Dr. Peter Prentice brought the laughs to "The Mindy Project," but in "Search Party," the "Happy Endings" alum is playing the rational one: a super-motivated ad exec who gets roped into his pals' hijinks.

"He's even thinking about moving out of the dude apartment, with the bongs and tapestries and black-light paintings of chicks with smoke coming out of their mouths," says Adam of his "Search Party" character. "He's ready to move on, but he's not ready to give up his friends."

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No. 4: The true love story in "Search Party" is the bromance

"Their friendship is grounded and believable, which allowed us to put them in situations that are maybe a little hyper-real," says "Search Party" writer Mike Gagerman of Nardo, Jason and Evan. "The result is a high-octane action comedy about three people that the audience will relate to and that our cast has really made come alive."

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No. 5: Despite the outlandish misadventures, "Search Party" is actually pretty relatable

"It brings great humor and relatability to a story of the idea of three guys in their mid-20s going through something universal -- trying to figure out what they're going to do with their lives," says producer Paul Brooks.

"It's a scary time because the simple reality is you can't spend as much time with your pals as you used to," he adds. "The fear that the friendship is about to disappear is at the heart of the movie."

Richard Cartwright / Focus World / Promotional

No. 6: If "Search Party" doesn't make you LOL, you might be dead inside

"This movie has a lot of jokes, some genuine heartstring tugging, a firefight, more than one car explosion and possibly a beautiful woman stealing organs," says Shannon Woodward of the comedy, which also stars Krysten Ritter as said beautiful organ-thief.

"If that doesn't get you excited, then you must be dead inside," concludes the actress.

So check out the trailer below and find out whether or not you've got a pulse!