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Singer Sinead O'Connor revealed she had to be rushed to the hospital after a botched surgery over the weekend.

In a profanity-laced social media post on Facebook, Sinead said that her liver was accidentally sliced during a procedure and left her struggling to breathe.

"F---. Gotta go to emergency. Liver all f----- and killing me," she wrote. "Can't breathe properly it so sore. Am posting as am lonely. Story of life. Wish was not so alone in world. Gotta be worth something to someone after all these years and after all I given. Am so shocked to be so all alone."

Just a few days earlier, Sinead said she was in San Rafael, Calif., and spoke about the accidental cut, but didn't feel as though she needed a doctor.

"Still feeling so miserable from surgery. I don't recommend it Lost awful lot of blood as liver got cut accidentally so am weak...," she wrote. "But I do recommend hormone replacement. Am Different person. Stupid Irish doctors never recommended it to me all year but I finally got it two weeks ago in US and am me again. Thank you to doctor here in America. And thank you to my surgeon."

To say Sinead's life has bizarre of late would be an understatement. In May there were reports that she was missing and suicidal. Just a few months prior to that, in December of 2015, she wrote a suicide note in which she said she intentionally overdosed on pills.

"The last two nights have finished me off. I have taken an overdose," she wrote. "There is no other way to get respect. I am not at home, I'm at a hotel, somewhere in Ireland, under another name. There is only so much a woman can be expected to bear. After everything I've been put through, and been forced to go through alone, they wouldn't know if I was dead until weeks from now."

Just a few days later after being found alive, she was hospitalized. She then begged her children to visit her in the hospital, children whom she had previously said were "dead to me."

Over the weekend, less than three hours before she went to the hospital, she referenced her last year, saying she's "been treated so bad it's a miracle I made it. But I did. And I'm proud I did. And I will always. Because God is good."