Brendon McNerney / Facebook 1 / 3
Brendon McNerney / Facebook 1 / 3

A group of social media stars are banding together to raise awareness about teen cancer as part of a multi-platform social media campaign.

The #ROAR4TCA initiative has been launched by video company Collab, which has recruited seven of its top digital influencers to support Teen Cancer America and spread word about the charity across YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and Facebook.

The talent on board includes Vine star Brendon McNerney, 27, who is supporting the campaign in honor of his late father, who he lost to esophageal cancer at a young age.

Brendon, who posted a call to action on Facebook on April 28, 2016, told, "Having lost my father to cancer at a young age to esophageal cancer, I have become extremely vocal about cancer prevention and awareness.

"The number of children and teens affected by cancer is truly heartbreaking, so a campaign like #ROAR4TCA seemed like the perfect opportunity to shine some light on the issue.

"Even simple posts like the one I threw up on Facebook can serve as a reminder to those fighting cancer that they have support!"

Other social media stars involved in the push include Shorty Awards Finalist BigCatDerek, Julia Abner, Natalia Lopez, Woodsie, Joey Ahern, and TheyLoveArii.

Collectively, the group has 1.5million followers across all of their social media platforms.

On April 27, Abner kicked off the online support with a humorous Vine post which saw her superimpose her face onto a lion.

McNerney and Woodsie took to social media with their messages on April 28, and the remaining stars will roll out their posts in the coming days.

Teen Cancer America's mission is to help teens and young adults who are suffering from cancer.

According to the charity's website, research shows that "some cancers that target this particular age group have not improved in over thirty years while improvements have been made in both pediatric and adult cancers alike."

To that end, the charity's aim is to "light the fire in America's health systems" and help improve cancer treatments and care for this specific age group.

As part of the campaign, Collab is partnering with audience development company Good Amplified, YouTube's multi-channel network for non-profits.

Good Amplified CEO Amber J. Lawson told, "Our mission at Good Amplified is to help our network partners like Teen Cancer America leverage storytelling & YouTube to reach their next generation of donors, volunteers and advocates.

"A key piece is partnering with other networks like Collab and all their passionate creators to create compelling content for causes they care about!"

Collab Director of Communications Tiffany Au added: "From the get-go, we knew that there's a special opportunity for our digital creators to do social good with their influence on social media.

"Building awareness with #Roar4TCA is part of a larger movement shaping the discussion around how together we can inspire action with our creator-advocates and their supporters."