Sofia Vergara took to Instagram to seemingly mock her former self -- but all we see is a beautiful woman who looks exactly the same then as she does today!

The "Modern Family" star posted a sunny and sexy #TBT photo on Aug. 19, which shows the Columbian beauty wearing a bright yellow bathing top in front of a bright yellow background. Along with the snap, the 44-year-old wrote, "Tbt #youngandplump😎"

Umm by plump does she mean perfect?!

Tbt #youngandplump😎

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Earlier this week, the curvy actress told People magazine that it was difficult being a business woman and having a family.

"It's very difficult for women to be entrepreneurs, even more difficult than men because we have to deal with more," said the actress who raised son Manolo on her own.

The business savvy lady said, "You have to surround yourself with people who help and support you. It's impossible to do everything - and do it right - if you are doing it by yourself."

The bombshell added, "We are more involved with our houses. We are more involved with our children. And then if we're working, we need to be there, so we have a lot more to handle than men."

Sofia certainly is an entrepreneur -- the actress is gearing up to launch her latest fragrance, So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara, by Avon. Earlier this summer she released the perfume Tempting.

Sofia also spoke to PeopleStyle and said that if she had a time machine she'd go back and use sunblock more. Ha!

"In my 20s, I started to use sunblock on my face," she told the outlet. "I wish I had put it on my chest too."

Sofia says that she now uses sunblock all over on the reg, but the sun most likely already did its damage. "I do it now," she said. "I think it's too late, but what can I do?"

She looks great to us!