Game of tones! Sophie Turner has embraced the summer of the sun-kissed look and gone platinum blond.

The "Game of Thrones" actress is naturally a redhead and fans of the show have gotten to know her for, in part, her hair.

She took to Instagram recently to showcase her newest hair hue, telling her 3.3 million followers, "I did a thing....." She also used an emoji of woman getting her hair done.

I did a thing..... 💆🏼

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The photo shows the actress on the floor as her freshly-dyed blond locks lie flat and messy on the carpet.

She chose to keep her darker eyebrows, rather than dye them.

Sophie is one of many celebrities who have gone lighter for the summer. Taylor Swift, Emma Roberts and Kristen Stewart have all debuted new looks. Others who have backed blond this summer include Emma Stone, Karlie Kloss, Dakota Johnson, Gina Rodriguez and Lana Del Rey.

In other words, Sophie is in good company.


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It's not known if Sophie changed up her mane for a role, but it's likely that she'll have to switch back to her signature shade for both "Game of Thrones," where she plays Sansa Stark, and "X-Men," where she plays Jean Grey, as she's a redhead in both, and it's sort of been her trademark.

Only the strong will survive #JeanGrey #Xmen #Apocalypse

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Perhaps Sophie's character Jean would change up her hair at some point.

"I found a lot of parallels between Jean and myself psychologically. Her journey is trying to figure out who she is, surviving the hormones and the boys, which are loaded on top of the fact that she's a super-powerful mutant," Sophie told Self in May when asked how she identifies with Jean.

"I haven't had that last bit to deal with!" she continued. "But I've had the challenge of growing up and having horrible skin and all the things that make you feel uncomfortable as a teenager, and knowing that everyone can see it -- because 50 percent of them point it out to you."