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Former rap music mogul Suge Knight has a few choice words for Chris Brown: See you in court.

The incarcerated Suge sued the singer and the owners of popular Los Angeles nightclub 1 OAK on June 27, claiming the venue didn't have adequate security during a 2014 party hosted by Chris, a party in which Suge was shot seven times by an armed man.

Suge, who certainly has a long track record with the law, survived but has said he still suffers from complications from the night, including a blood clot.

The New York Post was first to report the news of the lawsuit.

The 2014 incident, which occurred a day before the VMA awards, severely affected Suge's psyche, the lawsuit claims, and it was a factor in Suge's accident in which he ran over two men, killing one. His attorney said the nightclub shooting scared him.

He is in jail awaiting trial on murder charges for that fatal hit and run. He has said the whole thing was a set up and he was simply fleeing attackers.

"Mr. Knight was still extremely frail from his gunshot injuries less than five months earlier," Suge's attorney said. "When the facts are finally revealed in this case, we're certain it will be apparent that our client was simply trying to flee for his life."

The new lawsuit asked that the accused parties pay for Suge's medical expenses.

In the paperwork, it contends that there is a correlation of violence and parties hosted by Chris, and that should have been taken into account. It also claims that the singer has gang ties.

Chris was never a suspect in the shooting and was never investigated.

"As a result of the negligence of the defendants, one or more unknown individuals were allowed access to the event with weapons, including firearms," the lawsuit says. "As a foreseeable result, gunshots were fired by those admitted into the event and (Knight) was shot and seriously injured."

This type of lawsuit isn't exactly uncharted water for Suge. In 2005, he was shot in Miami at a Kanye West-hosted party. He sued Kanye for having inadequate security, but a judge ruled for Yeezy.