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From one legal drama to the next!

Though "Orange is the New Black" actress Taryn Manning finally wrapped up one court case on Feb. 9, the star initiated another lawsuit on Feb. 8. The actress, who plays former meth addict Tiffany "Pennsa­tucky" Doggett on the Netflix show, filed a petition in Manhattan Supreme Court asking the city for $10 million. Taryn claims she was falsely arrested in November 2014, and accused of threatening the person who had been stalking her.

The actress objects to being handcuffed that month, stating that she shouldn't have been arrested after the DA's office notified detectives that she wouldn't be prosecuted. The arrest came in the wake of a meeting Taryn had with her attorney and cops over allegations that the actress was sending her former roommate Janine Heller threatening text messages that violated an order of protection. The "Orange is the New Black" star claims that Janine was actually the one stalking her, demonstrated later by Janine's summer 2015 sentence of six months in jail for violating a conditional discharge by continuously texting Taryn.

Taryn contends that she was placed in a holding cell and was kept in custody for hours until the DA's office issues a formal declination of prosecution, and that the NYPD then leaked information about this arrest to the media. The actress is seeking damages for "attorney's fees, hours of detention, emotional distress and reputational harm."

On the heels of filing this new case, Taryn was cleared of assault allegations that arose across the country in Los Angeles. On Feb. 9, a Los Angeles judge dismissed a case against Taryn where her makeup artist Holly Hartman alleged several attacks by the actress. Holly sought a restraining order, claiming Taryn headbutted her, whipped her with a wet towel, sprayed Windex in her mouth and eyes and placed her in a headlock in November 2015.

After failing to show up for a court hearing on Feb. 9, Holly's case was dismissed. But the end of this legal drama may only be temporary. Holly's attorney spoke with E! News that same day, and showed no sign of giving up. "We are preparing to file a new, more compressive, petition later this week."