She's back!

After remaining relatively silent on social media, Taylor Swift returned to Instagram on August 2.

But Taylor didn't choose to return with just a normal photo or video post to her feed. The superstar posted via Instagram's brand new feature, a Snapchat-like tool called Instagram Stories, which allows users to share photos that expire in 24 hours.

The Instagram story shows Taylor's cat Olivia Benson sitting on its hind legs as Taylor asks, "What's going on? You feeling less like a cat and more like a squirrel today? Yep."

Though at face value it's just a video of her cat, the move itself may be calculated.

By making her comeback via this controversially similar Snapchat feature, Taylor might be delivering a message. She has abstained from joining Snapchat, and it's that platform that led to her self-imposed social media retreat.

A little over two weeks ago on July 17, Kim Kardashian West took to Snapchat to post a series of incriminating videos of Taylor. In the serious of snaps Taylor can be heard on the phone with Kanye West, and she ultimately gives her approval for his song "Famous."

Months prior to that she did the opposite, condemning the song as being offensive and putting out a statement through her publicist denying that this very call took place.

Sick of her husband looking like a liar in the media, Kim shared the existing video proof. In the footage Taylor not only approves his use of her name in the song, but the former rivals sound cordial.

She thanks him at one point, saying, "I really appreciate you telling me about it. That's really nice."

The video paints a much different picture than the one Taylor alluded to in her Grammy acceptance speech in February. Most speculated that her pointed message about letting others take credit for her accomplishments and fame was aimed at Kanye's disputed line in his song "Famous" that claims "I made that b---- famous."

Taylor issued a response -- via Instagram of course -- after Kim released the videos. In the note she continued to argue Kanye didn't play her the whole song, and shared that she considers being painted as a liar as "character assassination."

Her rebuttal wasn't well received.

One thing's for sure -- we don't think Taylor Swift will be opening up a Snapchat account anytime soon.