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In December, Teresa Giudice returned home to New Jersey after serving 11 months in a Connecticut federal prison on fraud charges. And in just a few weeks, her husband Joe will leave her and their daughters to start his own 41-month prison sentence.

But they're not telling their daughters where he's really going.

In her first live television interview since her release, the star of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" explained herself to "Good Morning America" co-host Amy Robach.

Before she left for prison, "We said, 'Mommy's going to go to work first,'" Teresa, 43, said during the Feb. 9 interview, "and I told them that Mommy was going to write a book and I had to live at camp, which is prison, obviously, and I had to go through the experience and that's what mommy was writing about."

"And then we said when Mommy comes home, then Daddy's going to go to work," she added.

Teresa, whose juicy new prison memoir "Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again" hits bookstores today -- also said that if she could teach her girls -- Gia, 15, Gabriella, 11, Milania, 10, and Audriana, 6 -- one thing in the future, she'll tell them, "Before you sign something make sure you completely understand it and read everything."

Yet she insisted that she doesn't blame Joe, 43, for her legal ordeals. "No, I don't [blame him]," she told Amy. "There was legal people around us also when I signed those papers and it's something that happened and I'm not going to look back, I'm just going to move forward and look at the future."

She says she and Joe are in fact doing better than ever after their legal debacle. "Really, it's made it stronger, it really has," Teresa said. "We've been married 16 years and it's going strong."

Teresa also revealed on "GMA" that she and Joe have worked through many of their financial issues, including dealing with more than $400,00 in restitution for their crimes and are no longer in danger of losing their mansion. "Restitution is paid off. My house is not in foreclosure anymore, thank God, and everything is good," Teresa said.

So what does Teresa's future hold? While Joe is serving more than three years in a federal penitentiary, she will be back on Bravo: The network has confirmed that she will be re-joining the cast of "RHONJ."

She's also hoping to teach yoga! While behind bars, "I worked out three times a day. I did yoga -- yoga changed my life," she said. "I'm going to get certified in yoga -- I just went to my first class. I did a lot of Pilates, a lot of running [too]. We had a great track."