"The Bachelorette" is officially back! Dallas-born cutie JoJo Fletcher made her comeback after being brutally dumped by Ben Higgins on the last season of "The Bachelor." While she has a good chance of finding her Prince Charming this go at the love game, we couldn't help but snarl at all of the straight-up weirdos who made their debut on the twelfth season of the ABC series. (Not including the infamous former "Bachelor" Jake Pavelka, who came on to give her pretty basic advice -- "go with your gut." Cool, bro.)

There's got to be at least a couple of gems hidden away in the 26 hunky future-husband picks, but for now, we've got to focus on some of the crazies. So here's 5 strange dude moments from the season premiere last night, May 23.


1. The winner of the weirdest limo entrance goes to Jonathan, who made a horrifying joke about his Scottish and Chinese heritage: "Luckily for me, I'm half-Scottish below the waist." And yes, he was wearing a kilt while saying this to poor JoJo.

2. We can't forget about the equally inappropriate Sal, who arrived holding two blue stress balls in hand. He told JoJo that she could, "squeeze my balls." But we think that would only add more stress to her life.

3. Then there were the sloppy drunkards at the cocktail party. Guys, can't you keep it together at least on the first day? Clearly Nick. S, Vinny or Daniel don't know how to hold their liquor or just didn't care to. They got the most plastered out of everyone in the group, and basically acted like fools. Daniel even stripped down in front of everyone and jumped into the pool.

4. Speaking of Daniel ... He didn't just stop at pool-jumping for the evening. He also went a little hard on JoJo when she admitted to not have hearing about the viral "Damn, Daniel" video on the web. Yes, we get it, your name is Daniel, too. But really, who cares?

5. And then there was Chad, the token yenta of the group. He spent the entire cocktail party yammering on about how awful all of the other guys were. We hope JoJo eventually sees through his holier-than-though persona, because it seems like he's really just a manipulative gossiper.

Out of the weirdos, JoJo decided to send off Nick. S, Sal and Jonathan, along with Coley, Peter and Jake. So at least we have the chance to get some more odd behavior out Daniel, Chad and Vinny, or some of the other 20 remaining contestants. Stay tuned!