Tom Brady should stick to throwing passes as far as Dwayne Johnson is concerned.

The "Sexist Man Alive" hilariously (and good-naturedly) ridiculed the NFL star in a YouTube video after Tom tried to mimic The Rock while promoting his new Under Armour sleepwear.

To be fair, The Rock's critique was all in good fun -- oh, and Dwayne also has an Under Armour deal, too.

The video starts with the "Moana" star saying he's received a video from his "very good friend," Mr. Brady.

"Hey, Rock, what kind of sleepwear are you sleeping in? It doesn't matter what kind of sleepwear you're sleeping in!," Tom starts off in the video, using one of The Rock's signature wrestling insults from his days at WWE. "Because I wanted to give you a heads up that Under Armour and I are going to send you some of my new TB12 sleepwear."

The Rock was not impressed with the New England Patriots star's on-camera skills.

"Sweet tap dancing baby Jesus," The Rock starts. "Thomas, what was that? You're sitting there on some rocks, which I guess that's supposed to be profound because my name is The Rock, and your legs are open like Kermit the Frog like you're getting ready to sing 'Rainbow Connection' for Christ's sake. "What are you doing? It's OK. I'm not judging."

He then wondered if a Jets fan directed the video, referencing his NFL team's rivalry with the New York Jets.

"Had to have been a Jets fan. Thomas, did you really think that was a good idea?" The Rock wondered. "I love the the fact that you're clearly having fun."

The Rock indicated that he would give the sleepwear a shot, but added, "This is going to be a change for your buddy D.J. because usually I sleep in the buff."

Tom may have just learned what many wrestlers have learned along the way: never try to mimic or out-insult The Rock.... not that Tom will be losing any sleep over it.

See the hilarious video below: