Over a decade later, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is still going strong!

America Ferrera, Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn made our hearts flutter when they posed for an Instagram pic together. Ferrera posted the split pic of the four actresses, who starred in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" back in 2005 and the film's sequel in 2008, on Instagram on Friday, July 8.

The former "Ugly Betty" star captioned the photo, "All grown up," and then added the hashtags, "#blakesfingerinmynose #ambersfingerinmymouth #alexisisatruelady #sisterlove #holdingtighttotheonesyoulove."

The beloved chick flick was based on the popular book series by Ann Brashares, which tells the tale of four besties who stay connected around the world and over the years through a pair of used jeans. Yes -- we get that this is a ridiculous plot, but somehow it works, and it works well.

It's been eight long years since the well-worn pants have traveled to and fro on the big screen, but last month, Lively said during SiriusXM's "Entertainment Weekly Radio and Shade 45" show that doing a third film was a "strong" possibility.

The pregnant actress said, "There is a strong chance there might be a third. The four of us are still best friends and to be able to create something together again has always been a dream of ours." The beautiful blonde continued, "It would have to be something that really made sense. If you wait this long to do a third movie, it needs to honor the story and the legacy."

Ryan Reynolds' lady love added that this wouldn't be a movie geared for teens, like the first one. "We wouldn't be making a movie for 16-year-olds again. We would be making a movie trusting that our audience grew up with us. I think that would be really interesting to explore," said the 28-year-old.

In February 2015, Ferrera also hinted at the possibility while on the "The Meredith Vieira Show." The 32-year-old said, "There is a script being written. There's no green light, but it's definitely in the works."

It seems as though everyone's been talking about a third installment. Bledel told Bustle magazine in August 2015 that, "It's moving forward." The "Mad Men" actress added, "We are definitely in the process. I don't know how far away we are exactly from being on set -- that would be hard to gauge for me because I'm a producer for the first time on this ... but it is moving forward, and we're all excited about it."

What's the hold up, ladies?! We're waiting!

Despite the very slow progress that seems to be being made, the possibility of a third film seems like it's still a reality given the fact that photos of the foursome keep popping up on social media. Break out your patchwork pants, friends, because it's almost time to travel!