It's not often that a fashion trend comes along that everyone can get on board with -- but one piece of outerwear is taking Hollywood by storm. From supermodels and celebrity chefs to Scott Disick and Ellen DeGeneres, the bomber jacket is a style staple for the masses.

Recently, celebrities have elevated the trend, selecting loud bomber jackets that feature everything from patterns, to embroidery and studded detailing. These major statement jackets can improve even the simplest of outfits, and help transition something casual to red carpet appropriate. has rounded up a wide variety of stars rocking their wild bomber jackets to help inspire absolutely everyone's street style.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley opted for a navy bomber of this variety, with pink floral print and crystal detailing. The fashion-forward jacket paired well with a simple, classic white T-shirt and denim jeans as the supermodel arrived at LAX Airport in Los Angeles.


Veteran supermodel Kate Moss also gave the silk bomber trend a try earlier this year. Not only did she pull it off flawlessly, she also proved that this jacket goes with literally everything. Her pale pink and blue version spiced up her already fashion-forward camouflage jumpsuit with eclectic ease.


For the "Finding Dory" premiere, Ellen DeGeneres proved the outerwear is red carpet appropriate, and opted for a printed bomber with a pretty watercolor design.


Demi Lovato jumped on the bomber jacket bandwagon in New York City. The singer dressed up her gray t-shirt and black pants with a bomber jacket that let everyone know her favorite makeup product -- lipstick. The black bomber had designs of lipstick tubes, perfect for those that are obsessed with painting their pucker.


Guys can rock the printed bomber jacket trend as well! Justin Bieber opted for one of the red variety, which featured glittery golden trim and a floral print while attending a Saint Laurent event in Los Angeles.


The bomber jacket can be fit for a night out in Las Vegas, too! Scott Disick rocked this darker version, which featured palm trees and a tropical motif, while celebrating his birthday in the party city.

Aflo / REX / Shutterstock / Rex USA

While arriving at Narita International Airport in Japan, Brie Larson rocked a floral Gucci bomber jacket, with sleeves ending in the iconic red and green stripes.

Jim Smeal / BEI / Shutterstock / Rex USA

Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis rocked a different Gucci floral print bomber at a movie premiere, proving it's a suitable selection from day to night.

Since the bomber jacket trend is wide-ranging and works on everyone, it's the perfect addition to spice up anyone's wardrobe. Slide one on and give it a try!