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On "This Is Us," Chrissy Metz's character, Kate, is contemplating having gastric bypass surgery. Many have been wondering this week if fiction has become reality.

The actress was photographed this week in a wheelchair at Los Angeles International Airport, leading some pundits to speculate that Chrissy went through the procedure over the holidays. The rep, however, tells E! News nothing could be further from the truth.

The rep said that the actress injured her knee over Christmas and there was still some lingering pain. In addition, the rep said that the Chrissy should be at "full strength" at Sunday's Golden Globes, where the actress is nominated for Best Supporting Performance by an Actress in a Series, Miniseries or Television Film.

Chrissy's weight and her struggles are a large focal point of the NBC show. In December, Ellen DeGeneres asked her if producers of the show told her to lose weight.

"Like most actors, we are chameleons," she said. "We play different roles -- like Christian Bale lost all that weight for 'The Machinist.'"

She said weight loss isn't "mandated."

"I was kind of like, 'I hope I get to lose weight.' That's a win-win for me -- motivated in a different way this time," she told Ellen. "It wasn't mandated. It wasn't like, 'You have to do this.' But if this is the storyline, naturally you would lose weight. So I'm excited if that should happen."

During the same chat, she wouldn't say whether she'll get the somewhat controversial surgery.

"It is a fast fix, and it's not always the right answer," she said. "I can't give it away too much."

She added, "I think with the character, Kate, she wants a quick fix because it's not about the food. Food is the symptom. We'll get to see all the details."