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Tom Sizemore accidentally ran over a stunt man in an SUV on the set of the TV show "Shooter" on Wednesday, sending the victim to the hospital.

The stunt man was badly injured, according to TMZ, after being pinned under the Cadillac.

He had to be airlifted to an area hospital.

A scene for USA's "Shooter" was being filmed at Agua Dulce Airport, near Los Angeles, when the accident occurred. Omar Epps was also in the car at the time of the incident.

Tom rep spoke to TMZ, saying the stunt coordinator prompted him to "pull out" once he got in the SUV. The reps said three cars pulled out at once.

Tom "says he followed instructions, drove off and never saw the stunt man before hearing a 'thump,'" the website reported.

Apparently the scene called for Tom to run into the car and remain there until the scene ended. However, the actor put the vehicle in reverse, pushed the gas and ran over the stunt man.

Eight men tried to get the car off of the victim by lifting it off of him, eyewitnesses says. He was finally freed after someone ran over with a car jack, lifting up the heavy car.

The stunt man, one first responder told the site, "is in real bad shape."

Photos from the airport show multiple paramedics, police and a helicopter on the ground.