Well this is a new one!

As Priyanka Chopra covered Maxim India's June/July issue, touted "The Hottest Woman in the World," the Internet realized one part of her body was a little too hot... her armpits!

In the cover photo, the 33-year-old has one arm above her head and fans instantly noted that her left armpit looks rather, well, perfect.

The 33-year-old star's third Maxim cover came under fire as fans discovered this Photoshop faux pas, which left Priyanka with unnaturally smooth armpits. And while she is stunning and near-perfect in every way, it's probably impossible to have armpits that flawless.

For her part, Priyanka didn't seem to notice the misstep by Maxim. The Bollywood beauty Instagrammed a snap of her now controversial cover on June 17, with the caption: "My new cover! Thank you@maxim.india #pctopsmaximhot100#maximhot100 @stephaniebbmakeup@tedgibson"

The stunning star donned a black Herve Leger cutout swimsuit for the front photo. But despite showing plenty of skin, social media only wanted to discuss one particular patch of it.

One hilarious user tweeted, "Wish I was as stunning as #PriyankaChopra's armpit without Photoshop."

While another jokingly chided the media for giving "WILDLY unrealistic armpit standards."

The use of memes makes everything more funny, and one Twitter user incorporated a famous, hilarious Photoshop meme along with the #priyankachopra and #armpit hashtags.

Another user did some investigating, discovering pictures of Priyanka with her arm raised in other situations. The photos reveal that no, Priyanka isn't a freakishly beautiful alien, but actually does have lines and completely normal looking armpits.

Others on Twitter weren't as fired up about the blatantly obvious Photoshopping, and instead were just in awe that Priyanka was receiving this much attention for the odd body part.

"Power to her!" Tweeter Suki added.

While making an armpit impossibly smooth is an odd (and unnatural) stylistic choice for the cover, it's preferable to the more common Photoshopping scandal -- making women unrealistically thin.

Priyanka and Maxim India have yet to comment on what is now being dubbed "Armpit Gate" on social media.