@nycomedyclub / Instagram 1 / 12
@nycomedyclub / Instagram 1 / 12

Tracy Morgan is making himself the butt of the joke.

The former "Saturday Night Live" star has been slowly making his way back into entertainment after he was nearly killed in an auto accident in 2014. In October, he returned to his old stomping grounds to host "SNL." In September, he appeared on stage at the Emmys. On Dec. 12, he had another trick up his sleeve, as he made a surprise appearance at a New York comedy club, and he joked about his recovery.

"The first thing he asked when the doctors told him he was in an accident [was] if his d--- was all right," a source at the show told the New York Post. Afterward, he joked about his speech therapy and "how he had to explain to the therapist that [his brain wasn't injured], this was just his natural way of speaking."

In another joke, he said that before going into his coma there were "three Kardashians," but, "now there are nine, and one of them has muscles."

The 20-minute impromptu performance was "hilarious and inspiring," the source said, adding that Tracy "worked the stage" and got a huge applause from the crowd.

Even the New York Comedy Club, who knows a thing or two about surprise performances, was freaking out about their unannounced guest.

"Eee! Eee! Eee!," the club captioned an Instagram of Tracy in his set. "We all turned into excited little fangirls (even the dudes) when @realtracymorgan walked in with @sherrodsmall #HesBack #IKnowIBeenNiceCuzIWasInAComa #SomebodysGettingPregnant."